Saturday, 5 February 2011

Perfect Creature

There was a film on BBC last night (link below), called Perfect Creature.
I havent watched it, but the description is as follows:

"Horror set in a world which genetic experiments have created an advanced species of human. All is well, until one is born who threatens the peace."

Im not sure if it links to anything, as I havent seen it yet, but from the description it sounds like it could link to/draw comparisons with sci-fi dystopian writing, (for example, Daniel Keyes - 'Flowers of Algernon', Olaf Stapledon - First and Last Men. ectect).

It Could also link to issues in the film 'The Island and in 'Never Let Me Go' by Isiguro? (i'm trying not to give away the stories in these here if you havn't seen/read them!!).

Just a thought for later in your term?

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Sarah Rees Jones said...

Dear Dave, Thanks very much for this.

You, in particular, may be horrified to know ;) that this year the group elected not to pursue sci-fi as a branch (?) of utopianism but we will be doing that class on American intentional communities instead. Still - I am very happy for the sci-fi enthusiasts to pursue its utopian origins and ideas on the blog (or in the pub).