Thursday, 17 February 2011

For Lucas: Utopias Module Booklet

For readers of the blog who are not taking the module. Here is a copy of my reading lists:

Utopias Module Booklet: Reading lists and assignments.

They are highly selective and not intended to be comprehensive. I would welcome further suggestions, corrections etc.

Please cite me (Sarah Rees Jones, University of York) if you use them. At the same time I would like to acknowledge the help I have received from Edward James (on science fiction and American utopias) and from Tom Glaisyer (on digital utopias).

My own interest is in later medieval civic culture as a context out of which utopia grows. I published an article called ‘Thomas More’s utopia and medieval London’ in Pragmatic Utopias (Cambridge University Press, 2001) edited by myself and Rosemary Horrox. This has just been reprinted in paperback and is also available, I think, as an e-book. Other papers for this project are in draft form only.

I have just applied for sabbatical leave to turn this article/idea into a book, provisionally entitled ‘Utopia, a gift from the Middle Ages to the future’. *If* I get the sabbatical leave I will be delighted with a capital D! :D

Finally I want to acknowledge the students. York's students are great! This year's lot are hiding from the blog a little. But they are still a great source of inspiration.

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Lutsek said...

Dear Sara, thank you very much for the module. I like the problem focus approach that you use in it. I will read it slowly and I will try to make you some suggestions. Thank you again, I really appreciate this sharing.