Friday, 11 March 2011

Digital Utopias, 2011. Generously provided by Tom Glaisyer

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BEFORE class please consider the following:

What features of the internet and our use of it might be said to have been created as a result of utopian values?

  • In relation to education and science?

  • In relation to property?

  • In relation to the family and government?

DURING class please be prepared to discuss:
  1. Does a digital environment support the creation of new utopian communities?
  2. How does the virtual revolution inform our understanding of the relationship between utopia and dystopia?

If you click on the label 'digital utopias' in the right hand column of this blog you will find many fascinating resources. 

Once again Tom Glaisyer has worked his magic with more links and an updated list, many of contemporary relevance:


A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace:

The Dot-Communist Manifesto:

The Right to Read, Richard Stallman:


Malcolm Gladwell, Why the revolution will not be tweeted:

Patrick Meier responding to Gladwell

part one:

part two:

Rasmus Nielsen responding to Gladwell,

Tom Glaisyer and Shawn Powers, For Middle East democracy, send in the geeks


The Net Delusion, Evgeny Morozov:

Jaron Lanier,


Michael Wesch, The Machine is using us,

& an Anthropological Introduction to Youtube,

Eben Moglen's, Freedom in the Cloud talk:
and transcript
(This talk inspired the Freedom box,
 and Diaspora

Tools (websites of)

Open WRT,

Open BTS,

TOR Server,

Mesh Potato,



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