Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Inception, Flowers and Jesus.

Hi kids.
Just saw a clip of the new Leo Di Caprio and the girl from 'Juno', (I dont know her name), film 'Inception' on The One Show, (which is not the same since Childes left!).
It made think of the session we had about science ect and how science utopias/dystopias are moving towards neuro-science and the manipulation of the brain ect. Inception is apparenlty about the manipulation of dreams and the morality of that, so perhaps maybe worth a look?

Moreover, in terms of manipulation of the brain and I.Q. to create perfect humanity, the book 'Flowers of Algernon' by Daniel Keyes, (publishesd 1959 as a short story and 1966 as a novel), is a good read discussing the morality.

ALSO , I've just started reading the new Phillip Pullman novel, 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundral Christ', which is a really good book. While it is a fiction and gives Jesus a twin son, it is a really interesting dicussion into how history has been written and interpreted by the writer ectect!

Anyway, hope all are cool! See you at graduation!


Sarah Rees Jones said...
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Spike Sheppard said...

The name of the girl from Juno is Ellen Page!

All the best