Friday, 30 April 2010

Exam and post-utopias!

Hey guys!!!

hope everyone got on ok with the open exam!!!!
just thought tht i'd open up a thread to wish everyone luck with the rest of exams, and to thank everyone for a good term, which worked out to be really intellectually stimulating!!
hopefully we can all keep in contact, via the blog or by other means - as we have seen, utopias are ever changing so it might be always good to check out what the blog has to offer!!!

Obviously, the last thing on peoples minds, what with other exmas and dissertation, is to follow what is happening in the world of utopias, but hopefully we can take what we have have learnt forward and keep on discussing the role of utopias in years to come!!

Sorry to sound over dramatic haha, just getting the end of 3rd year blues, what with leaving uni and all that, and wanting to keep in contact with as many people as I can hahah!! hopefully, discussions into utopias can allow us to keep that contact!!

Muchos Utopian Love!!
Dave.xx Read more!