Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thatcher, Socialist?? Arguing the indefensible...

So finally we touched on the question of property – what is it? – the very different schemes imagined in different historical contexts and different utopias for more collective/equalised/communist forms of ownership.

We also talked about arguing the indefensible (Morris on More)

Here are two articles which argue the unarguable on Thatcher: in different ways that Thatcherite reforms redistributing property to the people (right-to-buy) increased state control and state costs - continuing centralist policies of earlier post-war governments. (Contra her own public statements - see below).

Simon Jenkins, Accountable to None: The Tory Nationalisation of Britain (1995)

Ross Clark, ‘We’re all picking up the bill for right-to-buy’, Times, January 2010

The argument, however, belongs to you....

Picture from Zazzle T shirts - MT's much quoted aphorism on socialism - here applied to Obama.

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