Saturday, 6 February 2010

Virtual Revolution episode 2!!!

Hey guys,
if anyone watched the BBC 2 show 'Virtual Revolution' last week, (which Sarah posted on the blog), then you probably know the links to utopianism it showed, (for example, the idea of a 'Grand Levelling' being created by the World Wide Web).
Some of the things the episode talks about, for example 'The Well' and the 'Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace' are on our reading lists which are quite interesting.
I dont think this episode is on iPlayer anymore, but I think its still availiable on the site Sarah posted the link for!

The second episode is on BBC iPlayer now, (i havent watched it yet), but its title is 'Virtual Revolution: Enemy of the State?', and from the synopsis, I'm guessing its going to about how the Web has been turned into a kind of 'dystopia' because of the openess to censorship??

Anyway, just thought I'd post it. I tried posting the link to the site, but it didnt work - bad times!! (I think I my have managed to post it in the title of this post now though.......i'm rubbish with technology!

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