Thursday, 14 January 2010

List of Seminars (by week) Spring Term 2010


2/1 Defining Utopia and thinking comparatively
2/2 Field Trip to Utopia – meet 1.45 for 2pm at King’s Manor

Part One: The Texts and their Authors
3/1 Thomas More’s Utopia I
3/2 Thomas More’s Utopia II

4/1 William Morris, News from Nowhere, I
4/2 William Morris, News from Nowhere, II

Part Two: Influences and Contexts
5/1 Classical and Medieval Utopias: Perfect Cities and Saints
5/2 Classical and Medieval Utopias: Dreams, fantasies and paradoxes.
6/1 Renaissance neo-Platonism and science: Campanella, Bacon, Swift
6/2 Utopia in the New World: from Harrington to Oneida
7/1 Utopia in the Old World: socialists and utopians.
7/2 Utopia and the making of modernity: Bellamy and Butler.
8/1 Modernism and the construction of Utopia

Part Three: Utopias and their critics in Contemporary History
8/2 Anti-utopianism and the ‘end of history’.
9/1 Science Fiction, Digital Utopias and Utopia Reborn
9/2 Revision Class

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