Saturday, 2 February 2008

Utopian Socialising

Just to say thanks to everyone that popped along to Ye Old Starre Inne the other day. It was a great idea to head for a post-seminar drink, and I enjoyed the hearty talk [When ale is consumed, either 'hearty' things happen, or things happen 'heartily']. With that in mind, would everyone like to set aside a while after this Friday's 9:15 seminar to get lunch and a drink [probably non-alcoholic - it'll only be 11:30 am!] and get to know each other a bit better? It would be nice to have everyone along for a good chat, and I'm sure we'd all be delighted if our seminar leader could come along too. Of course, no one is obliged, and twelve months of servitude on your part won't be enforced if you have other things to do. Would be lovely to see you all though.

If this sounds like a social engagement to be added to the 'things to avoid' list, then just forget that I ever mentioned such an idea...

Must dash.



Sarah Rees Jones said...

Normally I would love to - I wasn't sure whether you wanted me last Friday or not!! Next Friday I cannot, sadly, as I have another class almost straight after - and then off to spend the night in an airport (but not actually flying anywhere!!)

By the way I am going to let the ongoing debate about seminar discussion run without jumping in for a while - it is extremely helpful for me to hear what you all think - and I think that in having the discussion you are thrashing out some important issues about the central subject of the module.

Olly Fayers said...

Jolly good. We'll try to sort out a time when you can make it too.