Monday, 4 February 2008

Further Theme

This is my first blog post (wahey), and it's just a short one. Since we discussed themes within Utopias in the seminar I thought I'd bring this up: a theme I find particularly interesting and thought might be good for future discussion, or for inclusion in the exam, is the authors' treatments and conceptions of civil liberties and the rights of the individual. We've touched upon this in previous seminars, but I don't think we've looked at it in any detail before. Please do comment on whether you think this is
worth seminar discussion or any thoughts you have concerning the concept of rights of the individual/freedom within utopias.


Sam Garrett said...

I agree - this is a very central and interesting theme. Let's have it in the exam

Rebecca said...

i reckon that's a good theme, esp when we start looking at 1984 and the dystopias, would be interesting to compare