Monday, 18 February 2008

Do You Believe In Utopia?

In today's seminar, Sarah asked a couple of people 'do you believe in utopia'. I thought this is an interesting question which I would like to explore more. Does that mean 'can a utopia exist?'. Does it mean 'can a utopia be created?'. Does it mean 'is there any point in point of utopian writing, and if so, what is this point?'. I think it means, in some way, all of these things. At any rate, I'd love to know everyone's response to the question 'do you believe in utopia'. It is an interesting one methinks.

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Sarah Rees Jones said...

I'm getting there ... to believing in Utopia, that is.

I think that (on all sorts of levels) asking that question was a bit like asking "Do you believe in fairies ...",

and it is interesting to note how recent authors want to incorporate fairy tales into utopianism.