Friday, 22 February 2008

BIG Digital Thank You

Huge thank you to Tom and Brian for such a great seminar. There was lots of animated discussion in the room when our link broke down.

My thoughts about significant themes tying in with other ideas we have looked at:

Is collective custom and opinion (reputation) a better form of regulation than 'state' law?

The argument that systems of property have to be destroyed (material relations reformed) in order for the spiritual/intellectual capacity of humankind to expand.

The question whether freedom of information is good - should it be controlled - guarded by an educated elite? Is mass information bad (dangerous) or bad (dumbed down)?

The idea that digital utopias are different because these utopians are younger and ahead of the game as understood by their elders and betters (cf Chernyshevsky), instead of retreating from the world and its technology they are in the vanguard of new developments.

As the oldest one among you - I am sure that you all have better ideas!!!

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Olly Fayers said...

I would personally like to extend my thanks to Tom and Brian for putting so much time and effort into our seminar - they really didn't have to. I greatly appreciate it, and I know others did too. I think that talking interestingly to a room full of people who could not be seen (or heard for most of the time) was very impressive on their part!

Even though a few technical gremlins surfaced, I do think it was an awesome seminar. I felt that Tom and Brian's presentations were as interesting as they were thought-provoking, and, most significantly, caused a heck of a lot of debate afterwards.