Thursday, 31 January 2008

'English Revolution and Utopia' Preview

One further thing, Utopians.

Tomorrow I'm performing a brief presentation on the English Revolution and its relevance to our topic of Utopias. I will be paying particular attention to the wonderfully-named Gerrard Winstanley, because he seems like an interesting chap, and got my attention. This should hopefully give a bit of historical context to the style of utopianism which Winstanley espouses, providing an example of the interaction between political developments and the utopian thoughts of contemporaries.

The main thing is, I will publish my notes for the presentation in the form of a blog post after the seminar, so you needn't frantically scrawl whilst I witter away. Just fight the sense of boredom which my little speech could provoke, and listen for stuff to comment on. I hope that seems like a reasonable plan.


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Sarah Rees Jones said...

Welcome! Good to hear your voice on the blog Olly. Looking forward to the class.