Sunday, 27 January 2008

Blog future

Starting with our most recent discussion of More's Utopia last Friday, I am not going to be posting summaries of class discussion on this blog any more. Other members of the group, now free of their dissertations, are taking charge of leading the seminars on particular Utopias and utopian projects - and it is up to them whether they choose to use the blog for their seminar and post seminar discussion or not.

I am going to continue posting. I will comment on any posts that anybody else makes (that's a firm promise!). Also I want to start using the blog to start distilling some of the comparative themes and key questions that are emerging from the module as it progresses. This is mainly because that is what I want to do. But it will also start providing a framework in which we can all identify those all important 'Questions', for our written work and assessment of the module. It would be helpful to have the insights of other people taking the module in developing these thematic questions. It is no use identifying issues which seem useful and important to me, if they do not also seem useful and important to you.

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